Educational Programme

At Excel, our athletes don’t have to choose between first-rate education or the chance to succeed in their ski racing goals.

Our objective is that every athlete completes their compulsory school years with a top-quality education and is in a position, if they so choose, to undertake a career as a ski racer.

Education is fundamental and at the heart of what we provide. Athletes can come to us for race training with no risk of falling behind at school or compromising their academic studies.

We consulted with one of the foremost tuition and educational bodies in the UK to build a structure that ensures when athletes come to Excel, they keep pace with their schooling, and have the chance and resources at their disposal to thrive and unlock their true potential. We have access to local schools so that athletes are in a real school environment while they study.

Helen Grogan Tuition

Our structure Is built with the help of the nationally renowned Helen Grogan Tuition agency. Helen advised Excel on the tuition arrangements for the athletes.

Helen Grogan has a proven track record of success running both group and private tuition services in London for the most prestigious schools in the Country. Its pupils attend St Pauls, Westminster Under, St Paul’s Girls School, Eton, Harrow and Winchester to name but a few.

“We believe that it is extremely important that educational achievement remains at the forefront for both students, parents and their schools. No one wants to sacrifice or jeopardise their studies whilst pursuing their ski training or to have to make that choice. Excel has taken this aspect of their provision very seriously and we have been pleased to provide them with advice.”

Helen Grogan